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Alexandria Criminal Defense

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The City of Alexandria is independent from any county in Virginia and as such has its own courthouse. Although located only 6 miles from DC, Alexandria functions extremely differently than courts in the district. Because it is located in Virginia, Alexandria is subject to the criminal laws of the state of Virginia. In Alexandria, as in the rest of the country, misdemeanor crimes are deemed less severe than felonies, and carry lesser penalties as a result.

Criminal Law is Much Harsher in VA than DC

Criminal laws, classifications, and penalties are MUCH harsher in VA than those found in DC. Often something completely legal in DC - smoking a marijuana pen (dab pen) is legal in DC but a felony in VA - is not only illegal in VA but carries the possibility of years in jail if convicted. Accordingly, it is important to remember that when you cross state lines into Alexandria, VA you are subject to a completely different set of rules, regulations and punishments.

Alexandria Criminal Defense is Different than Other Jurisdictions in VA

Criminal Defense in Alexandria also functions differently from other jurisdictions within Virginia. Although the Virginia Criminal Code is the same throughout VA, the local practices within every jurisdiction are different. This means that procedurally things often run differently in every courthouse in VA. Adding to this is the fact that every jurisdiction in Virginia elects their own head Commonwealth Attorney, all of which lay down specific guidelines and policies for the prosecutor's working under him/her to follow when prosecuting cases.

The Alexandria Prosecutors

For the City of Alexandria the Commonwealth Attorney in charge of all of the prosecutors in Alexandria is Bryan Porter, who was first elected in 2014. The Alexandria Prosecutor's office has roughly 14 Assistant Commonwealth Attorneys in charge of prosecuting cases. If you are charged with a criminal offense in Alexandria one of them will be assigned to your case.  An experienced Alexandria Criminal Defense Attorney will be familiar with the local practices within the City of Alexandria and know how to guide you through them to your best advantage.

Let Our Experienced Alexandria Criminal Lawyers Help You

If you have been involved in some type of incident or are currently facing criminal charges and feel that hiring a Alexandria criminal lawyer would be in your best interest, you can contact us for more information about the services we provide and whether or not we can help you.

At C&M Law our attorneys have experience working in not only in the City of Alexandria but throughout Northern Virginia, and their time there gives them a greater understanding of the laws and how each court likes to apply them.

Your case will be unique because your situation is unique. Our lawyers use their experience and knowledge of local practice to help craft a strategy specific to your case for your defense. Call now to schedule a free confidential consultation.

Before Going to Court in Alexandria It is Important to Know

Non-Lawyers may NOT bring cellphones into Alexandria Courthouse. Inside the front doors of the courthouse immediately to your left there are small lockers for storing your phone. Bring quarters to use them. 

The Alexandria Courthouse can be reached by car, the Metro (King Street Metro stop), and bus. If taking the Capital Beltway to the courthouse, it is important to take the local lanes or else you will miss the exits to the courthouse.


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