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Knowledgeable and Compassionate

Both Anna Chludzinski and Evelyn Mitchell are the prototype of what good lawyers are. They are passionate, knowledgeable and efficient individuals. Good lawyers are not just knowledgeable of the law but have the emotional intelligence and compassion to truly be there for their client and both of these ladies do just that. They went above and beyond to help me win what seemed like an impossible case. Back in October 2015 I was charged with 9 different charges, 5 felonies and 4 misdemeanors. Though at the time it seemed like an impossible case to win both Anna and Evelyn went above and beyond to make sure I was found not guilty in a jury trial. Not only did they work tirelessly to help me be found innocent in a jury trial, Evelyn also took on my expungement case which was another hurdle to go through. I could honesty write a book of the past two years because that's how bizarre everything was but with the help of both Anna and Evelyn, that book has an amazing ending that wowed my family and friends. Hiring them literally saved my life.

– Hiwotie

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