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Paying Fines and Costs Online in Virginia

Posted by Anna Chludzinski | Feb 28, 2019 | 0 Comments

How to Pay Your Fines and Costs Online in Virginia

If you have a speeding ticket or owe money to the court for things such as fines and costs related to a traffic or criminal case, you have two options. First, you can go to the clerk's office of the courthouse in the Jurisdiction you received your ticket or had court. However, if you would like to avoid actually going to the courthouse, finding parking, and waiting in line then you can also pay those fines and costs online.

To pay your court fines and costs online first go to:

Your will see the below screen pop up:

Virginia Court Case Information Page
Virginia Court Case Information Page

On this screen your will see two different levels of court listed “General District Court” and “Circuit Court”. If your case was a misdemeanor and traffic offense, such as Reckless Driving, DUI, Petit Larceny, Possession of Marijuana, Assault and Battery, or even something as simple as Failure to Obey a Highway Sign, then your case will almost certainly be in General District Court. You will only be looking at Circuit Court if your misdemeanor case was appealed or you were charged and convicted of a felony.

Next you will click on “Case Information” which is the line directly under the level of court mentioned above. This will bring you to the following page, where you will click accept at the bottom of the page.

On the left side of the screen you will see a drop-down menu labeled “Court”. Click on the menu and select the Jurisdiction – County or City – your case is in. For this example, we will select “Alexandria General District Court”. Next click on “Name Search,” and fill in your legal name. (Note: If you have more than one last name you may have to try a variety of different combinations of hyphenated and not hyphenated to locate your case). 

Name search after selecting the Virginia Court's Jurisdiction your case is in.
Name search by Virginia Court's Jurisdiction.

Next you will see a list of names, case numbers, court dates and charges. Once you locate your name/case, to the far right of it in blue you will see “Mark for Payment” or “Mark for Payment Past Due”. If your case has Mark for Payment on the far right, then you can make a payment online. Click on Mark for Payment.

Look for the blue Mark For Payment link to the right of your name, this indicates you owe money on a court case.
Mark For Payment link indicates you owe money on a court case.

After this look directly above the list of names and you find that a button titled “Process Payment” has appeared. Click on it.

Next verify that you have selected the correct case and click the “Continue Payment Process” button.

Processing payment page when you pay Virginia fines and costs online.
Processing payment online for fines and costs owed to a Virginia Court.

On this page there will be a total owed. Fill in the amount you would like to pay fill and again select “Continue Payment Process”.

Page for credit card information when you submit a payment online for a Virginia traffic or criminal offense.
How to submit a payment online for a Virginia traffic or criminal offense.

Finally, you will come to the last page where you will enter in your credit or debit card information, and click "Submit Payment". Remember to print out a copy of the confirmation of your payment for your records. If there is a question as to whether you have paid or not you will want to have proof that you made a timely payment.

If you pay your fines and costs late it can have a number of negative consequences such as suspension of your driver's license, conviction of a charge that had been deferred and was set to be dismissed, and even the imposition of suspended jail time. 


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